Source Code, Sample Projects, and my Github Repository

I’m trying to enable Version Control using Github, and was instructed the install location of my sample project should be the same as my source code install location. Now, in the editor when enabling github version control, the Root directory is the same as the Unreal Engine, so when I try to make changes to my new project, the changes are being sent to the Unreal Engine repository, not the one I created. I don’t know what I’m missing.

hi @cpt_boogie ,
You need to Create a Fork from the main repository then. You create a new branch from your forked repository. The forked branch belongs to you and therefore you can update this.
“git checkout -b new-branch” creates a new branch and moves to it locally not remotely

If you want to put source control on a project you must create and “git init” the new remote branch then do the commands displayed.

Recently GitHub made everyone create a personal credential key to use with applications as Multi key authentication on top of Epics Source code authentication. These will be the reasons why you cannot update.
Look at my repository which I have made to see how it works
UnrealEngine-5/ at Luoshuangs-GPULightmass-5.1.1-vs2022 · jimshalo10/UnrealEngine-5 (

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