Source 4.10.0 dx 12 editor 3dviewport artifacts

Im using and r9 380 and compiled 4.10.0 and made an 3d sidescroller template c++ project .
When running in dx11 and opengl the editor is running fine and i have no artifacts.

But when using dx12 i get artifacts in the 3dvieport when i move the camera. It looks like some lines are not refreshed or like on has faulty overheated memory.
In playmode its fine.

Hello Smash,

There was an update to these drivers which resolved an issue users were experiencing in 4.9. As a reminder, our support for DX12 is still experimental and is currently still being worked on to increase its compatibility. For now, if you are able to work fine in the DX11, I would stick with this for your project.

Could you provide me with a screenshot of your issue so I can visualize the artifacts?

Thank you,