Sounddesign some wishes for free

Hi @ll
is a musican since 90’s/composer/soundartist, friendly and very creative.

He is interested in getting a feet into #Sounddesign for games.

Here are two tracks for free use, fresh created and free for any UE4 usage.

Machine Oil

When someone of you need a special sound or backgroundmusic, do not be shy, contact him on twitter or SC.
He is open to do some interesting sounds for free, but sure he is interested in any representative paid work.
Only realistic, active projects please!
Nothing hurts more then supporting something for the trashbin.

I met him, because of beams and he do musicdesign for me and i really like his creative music.
Some stuff is really experimental and he has some other identities too, where he create sounds with great variation.

He is no amateur. When you are interested, search for his other identities and you have days to spend, to filter interesting content.



Sincerely Bauch :slight_smile:

Why he don’t post here by himself? Are you his manager? lel :smiley:

Ok you used one of the free wishes. ^^

hi sadaleus, Luftbauch posted for me as a friend and because he likes the stuff i am producing. since i am not a gamedev but a musician i was not familiaer witht the forum. but now i am. i confirm 3 whishes! i am making a wide range of things under several names. check out my stuff. i also added two more free downloads to the above mentioned ones:

Dayum, my wish come true. :smiley: I like your style and I will let you know if need something related to sound for sure :slight_smile: Best wishes

Oh oh :3

I want some atmosphere sounds!
Much wind water and tree sounds!
And many footsteps!

hello kanizitas,

this might be the second time i post this.
i posted yesterday some wind for you but it does not appear here. either i made a mistake oder the moderators are taking long.
to make sure it reaches you. here the wind from yesterday again.

let me know if you like it :slight_smile:

I like the new Wind Sound, some sort of metallic, cold SciFi wind. :slight_smile:

ok :slight_smile: if you like it… here some water.


free download. free stuff credit!

here is a beautiful sort of scifi soundtrack:
aria andromeda

i will grant a free license for unique use to the first one who claims it.

:cool: great work here, will use for sure your water and wind in my project

Wow Jens :slight_smile:
Aria i like very much.
You know, i like most of your stuff to hear.

But Aria is perfect for my personal “gameusage” taste.
I would love to have it longer , minimum seven minutes (end open). ^^
The part after one minute, where it builds up, is very powerfull for me.
This aria track would be perfect for dynamic usage ingame, if you ask me.
Check your links in post
For me, first one is broken.

blacksmithing and crafting sounds please

ok thanks luftbauch and sadaleus thanks for the feedback. i will make a longer version of the aria for you luftbauch it comes great in the video snippet from yesterday. i actually liked also the sort of glitchy tracks you are using from towards the end onwards. and for sadaleus: have fun with the sounds. i am just about to line up some more sounds to post here.

ok will make some :slight_smile: blacksmithing and crafting sounds.

but here some explosions first:

hi unit, here some sounds for you:
single shots (that can also be mixed together)
first some hits on iron,
metall in all sort of rooms
more hits on other meterials
nailing, banging walls down from far
hammering iron
in the end some strange machines, manufacturing things we dont know in this world…:slight_smile:

and here are some gunshot sounds, download and use free :slight_smile:

Hi Milkyway Outcast, great i spotted 3 or 6 sounds i might use, the others are interesting but have to much delay and hall for what i need. Also if you want to reach more people you could publish at, they got various licenses (Creative Commons) to publish your work, and a big audience. Please post here or PM me the legal requirements or license for the samples. Thanks!

Uh oh some stuff i am experimenting with MO’s audio files:
Sure sounds experimental now, because it is for me. :slight_smile:
Very easy to make. :slight_smile:

hi unit,
tried to pm you but your message quota seems to be exeeded. :slight_smile:
cool that you liked some of the sounds.
you can use them for your game. change them if you like. credit me please.

let me know if you need that more formal.
best you send me the formulation that you need and i will confirm/sign.

also if you need more sounds…let me know. if you tell me which of the sounds you liked so that i know more closely in which direction to go. looks like you needed short ones without much reverb on it?


11 minutes audio field recordings in exotic areas of another galaxy :slight_smile: