Sounddesign some wishes for free

Very cool free stuff Jens. :slight_smile:
Would it not better for noobish users like me, to have the sounds as single shots?
Standard way would be for me to cut the Soundfile into oneshots and use them then?
How do others?
Sincerely Stefan

hi stefan,

yes of course its better to have them cut up already, ready to use. when i upload them to soundcoud for demo purpose it makes no sense really to have 30 to 50 tracks for each topic there with 100 milisecond sounds each. tell me which ones of the sounds you want (all?) and i will cut them up and send them to you.

cheers jens

Looks like you prefer creating some retro/sci-fi kind of stuff and this is great but maybe make some more sounds for realistic games like walking/running on different surfaces; shooting and reloading; making campfire; hitting weapons, tools on wood/metal/themselves; shouts; warhorns. There are some of these on Internet of course but I believe in your quality. Just some examples if you will be out of ideas in future :smiley: Best wishes

hello sadaleus, thanks for the message. you gave me good ideas :slight_smile: i will post some in the next days.

MO has last days very bad internet connection. Standard, when it rains in portugal, it seems.^^

here as requested: Warhorns

Nice :smiley: these singular ones are just as I imagined them

Cool stuff you share :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: