Sound pulsing

For some reason, at the very beginning of my level, the background music pulses. I’m quite sure it’s because of lag, and I’m not sure if there is any way to fix it, but I figured I would inquire more about the subject.

Any help would be appreciated,


Hi Ryan,

We would like to help troubleshoot your problem, however we need more information before we can proceed.

What type of files are you using to create the background music?
How do you have it set up in the sound cue editor?
What steps did you take to create this background music?
Are you attempting to run this through code or through blueprint?

Please let us know at your earliest convenience this information so we can better assist you.

  • Adam

It’s a WAV 16 bit file.

It’s just a default “Ambient Sound” class that I applied a sound too.

  1. I dragged and dropped the default ambient sound class onto my level

  2. I applied the background music to the sound emitter

  3. I then double clicked the sound file, and then set it to looping.


I have been unable to successfully reproduce the bug you mentioned. I am attaching a picture that shows how I set up the sound node in the sound cue editor: Effectively what I did was place the looping sound wave through to the ambient sound class and set it to looping here. Then I placed it in the level. This particular sound is effectively one continuous tone and it did not skip. Have you checked to see if your sound file has a pause or a dip near the end of it? If it does it could be a natural occurrence as the sound wave begins to repeat itself. Does this only occur with the one asset or have you attempted to utilize other sound assets? If this is an asset you are willing to share I would be happy to further debug the issue.


I set it up your way… I don’t know exactly what was wrong with the way I was doing it… But it wasn’t my sound or anything. I’m not sure if it completely fixed it, as it isn’t lagging anymore.

What’s happening is the game starts getting low frame-rate, (so it’s lagging up a bit just at the very start of the level) and that’s creating the pulsing affect.

I’m glad this seemed to help with your issue. Please let us know if these problems continue. I will go ahead and accept the answer for tracking purposes.


Alright, I have an uploaded build of the game if there’s a secure place I could send it to for you to see what I’m talking about?

Are you still having the pulsing issue? If so have you been able to reproduce the effect in a new fresh project with no code modifications?