Sound from media player causing engine crash

Using 4.17, sound from a streamed video with the media player crashes the engine if using attenuation set to “natural sound” on the media sound wave. Leaving the attenuation setting to “Linear” plays no sound at all, exept seemingly if lucky.

Repo steps should be: Setup a media player to stream a video from any server, add a soundwave and override attenuation settings. Set Distance Algorithm to “Natural Sound”

Useing attenuation on the media player sound wave seems to cause issues. Im currently having another problem if adding the sound from a separate audio file. I can only get the audio file to playback if using “Natural Sound”, but it only plays in editor, not in a packaged build… no crashes from the ambient sound using sound files tho. Note that the separate audio file would be fairly large, 40mb/40min. This audio file would also use a sound class with “always play” enabled to prevent desync from the video stream.

Greetings! I am using a source built UE 4.17.1 on 64bit Windows.

I can’t speak to your audio file problems. I recommend you open a separate ticket for that.

As for media playback with audio, which platform are you running on?

Ok. As always with crashes, can you please attach the full log including the crash/assertion callstack? Thanks!

I wasn’t able to repro this. Here is what I did:

  1. Create MediaPlayer asset MyPlayer
  2. Create MediaSoundWave asset MyMediaSound
  3. Create MediaTexture asset MyMediaTexture
  4. Create SoundAttenuation asset MySoundAttenuation
  5. Assign MySoundAttenuation to MyMediaSound.AttenuationSettings
  6. Assign MyMediaSound to MyMediaPlayer.SoundWave
  7. Assign MyMediaTexture to MyMediaPlayer.VideoTexture
  8. Change MySoundAttenuation.DistanceAlgorithm to NaturalSound
  9. Drag and drop MyMediaSound into the level
  10. Drag and drop MyMediaTexture onto a mesh surface
  11. Wire up BP to start playback on BeginPlay
  12. PIE into level

Result: video renders on mesh, and sound plays

Thanks for your reply!
There is no crash stack in the log, it proceeds as normal and abruptly ends with:
“LogWindows: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0)”

If the repo steps gives no results I can try to setup this in a fresh project and upload it, I am unable to provide the work project log at this point.

Thank you very much for assisting. I have no idea why, but I can not trigger this crash right now. It would happen consistently every time, but now it dosen’t crash, or fail to play the sound.
I can’t explain why, there have been no changes, additions, or even reboots since before.
Im marking this as dubiously resolved . Thanks for helping out! If the crash returns I will try to post some VS debugging results.

Have a nice weekend!
/Best Regards

Reason for crash remains unknown but I can no longer trigger it. Marking this as resolved until I can post VS debug details if/when it returns.