Soulcity materials

Hey, i’m currently trying to figure out how to use Soulcity’s materials, big problem, the materials seem to include multiple textures into one ( Ex: MI_Slums_Concrete ), of course, when applying the material to a brush/mesh, it does this

But when i’m looking around soulcity’s Slum level, the texture seem to be placed wherever the maker wanted them to be

I don’t really know how to do this or why the texture wraps like this, so i’m looking for tips or direction on how to make assets and materials work like this.

Sorry if i can’t be any clearer, i do not know the proper terms or tool names.

Thank you.

What you are seeing is a texture atlas where the creator placed multiple textures into a single image. During the modeling process UVs are created and placed over the appropriate places of the atlas.

Using BSP brushes is fine for blocking out a level but totally unfit for any kind of artistic work. Use a 3D modeling app like Blender to create meshes. Fortunately there are many 3d modeling tutorials available online. (Like this one: 3D Primer for Game Developers: An Overview of 3D Modeling in Games)