Sort order for moving particle systems

I am having issues with an exhaust particle system attached to a missile. The particles use worldspace and occlude other particle systems so long as the missile is closer to the camera, but as soon as it moves past other particle systems the smoke trail becomes transparent and shows all particle systems behind the smoke. It’s pretty jarring. Is there anything that can be done to maintain occlusion once the particle system emitters move further away from the camera than other particle systems?

Anyone? There has got to be a solution, else missiles would be a non-starter in unreal engine?

pretty sure theres a sort order setting when you click the emitter in the scene. I cant recall was a long time ago, but there was a numeric value to decide which one should render above the other. Not sure if that helps for this situation or not. I used it on a waterfall for mist with wave foam on the water surface in the past.

The particle systems aren’t in the scene until missiles are launched, so that’s a no go. I found the sort translucency node, which is better than nothing, but it sets sorting for every particle emitted. I guess I have two options: make the trails transparent for things far away, or allow the trails to block things that are actually closer to the camera.

Is there a way to occlude based on individual particle distance to the camera? (not particle system distance or sort order)