Sort order for mesh actor?


I have a few surfaces that are z-fighting, with one being a base surface, and the others are decals.

Normally I’d use Deferred Decals for those, but their opacity is coming from the mesh’ Vertex Colors, rather than a texture mask, and since Deferred Decals don’t really have a mesh, I can’t use vertex colors as my opacity.

Is there something like “Sort Order” but for a regular mesh actor that would tell the engine which decal should go over which?

You can change the Sort Order of the decals by setting the sort order of each one. You can check the Unreal Documentation for deffered decals and see exactly how you want to use them!

@Bathil I’m a little late with the reply :D, but I can’t use Deferred Decal actor because then I can’t use a mesh & it’s vertex colors. The vertex colors of the mesh determine the opacity of that particular surface, that’s why I need it to have the actual mesh rather than Deferred Decal.

Update –

With materials set to Translucency you can use actor property called “Translucency Sort Priority” to tell the engine which mesh should render higher, despite all being in the same place.
This is how you can use Translucent material with Normal map (unfortunately nothing about tessellation) -…tml?lang=zh-CN