Sorry, your account is inactive and may not login

I’m getting this error message when I try to login to my main account, and a similar message in the launcher. My main account is <Removed by moderator>.

check your email. all passwords were reset

I had this too yesterday.

The password reset e-mail that was sent to me didn’t work either (apparently it had expired). If that happens to you, go to the sign-in page and hit “forgot your password” and follow the new e-mail.

Hi all.

A reminder that for any account issues, please refer to here - - and use the contact form if necessary.


i have used contact form several times but no one cares to respond
is there any other way to contact them

I too have the same message.

i need help to fix my account place it is the problem Sorry, your account is inactive and may not login

Hey recently I have not been able to log in to my fortnite account it’s say account inactive do you know why this is because I haven’t done any thing wrong I just want to play on my account like every one else thanks, playstation account is Punhs and my Epic games account is elmarter hope you can help

Hey unreal I got banned for no reason and now my account is inactive and I can’t play on Xbox or steam on twitch my epic email is please help

my account got inactive for no reason my account today i played fortnite i didnt curse or do any harassment please help my inactive account name is deathmatch998

Hi there,

This website is intended for UE4 developers to get technical assistance. For Fortnite issues, please visit:

There you will find various troubleshooting articles and an Email Us button you can use to get in touch with the Epic support staff who can assist you further.

Any general questions regarding Fortnite should be directed to the Fortnite forums, located here:

Thank you

Ok anyone can help me i have someone break my password so i tried brake against him and than its says “sorry your account is inactive so is may not join” and i need to fix that i have the gmail of this account and i have all the information plz help fast as you can

Hi there,

Please contact Epic Account Support by filling out this form. It says Fortnite, but it’s for UE4 support too, just select “PC/Mac” from the Fortnite Game Platform combo-box, select a random Game Mode, and then use “Accounts” option for Game.

Make sure to include all relevant information, they will reply back to you by email.

Thank you

Yea totally works… (don’t believe this)

I want to delete my fortnite account but i cant because i got hacked and now is inactive (AS-18006) and if i try to unlink dont work bcs i need to connect to inactive account

Send a request through the form I linked in my post above and use “Account Security” for the Game box, they will reply back to you by email.

Hello, this happened to friend to. He had spent a lot of money on the game. He was playing a game and some two guys said that he sucked and that they were gonna report him. The morning after he could not log on?
could you please help me, if you can you can write to me on this page

Its Been 1 year still my account is inactive for no-reason i never did anything wrong i spended tons of money on this account and now in return i get this punishment i contacted since 1 year and till now but they always say couldnt verify .like guys i am even saying send me verification mail on inactive acc to verify or i even said i will give gmail acc of inactive acc then also always they says couldnt verify …all i say lets stand for justice epic need to be more good with support .i guess this is worst support ever…justice for all epic inactive user share this with yr inactive friends spread words to all what epic is doing to us for no-reason…#JUSTICEFORVERIFYING

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues accessing your account, and that your experience with support hasn’t been ideal. Can I ask, when was the last time you spoke with support regarding this?


A similar problem. My nephew’s account was blocked for no reason. Filling out the form and providing these results did not give. He has repeatedly opened an appeal to the support service. This treatment of users is more like a scam =(