Sony Morpheus build...

I might get the chance to try out Sony Morpheus tomorrow. Has anyone got any experience of packaging a UE4 app for Morpheus?

I was thinking it’d be good to try the latest iteration of my app while I’m there but I’m completely in the dark when it comes to VR development for Sony. What’s the procedure packaging and deployment? Is there a way I can turn up with a compiled app on a thumb drive that will then be easily transferable to the the PS4? Can Morpheus dev units actually just be plugged in to a PC and allow me to just package for PC as usual? Would seem to make sense that they could as it’d be a pain if you had to deploy to PS4 instead of VR previewing in UE4 whilst developing.

If the latter is true and I can just use an .exe compiled for PC then what is the most Morpheus friendly build of UE4 at the moment?

Any guidance anyone could provide would be most helpful.

You need to be a registered Sony Development partner and you will need PS4 dev hardware (DevKit / TestKit) in order to work with Morpheus and the PS4. As far as I know, real VR (3d, not only 2D cinema mode) is not (yet?) possible.

There should be a preview mode for PC when you do have a Test/Dev Kit around, using certain software. But I guess, any of these things have to be discussed in the PS4 forums here as it’s closed source etc.