Sonar Effect to Reveal the Environment

I saw this video of a game called Beyond Eyes, it’s a game where you play as a blind girl walking through the world, and as you walk around, the world is revealed to you.
You can check out the video here to see the effect in practice:

I’m pretty new to Unreal, and I’d like to make an effect that is similar, but I’m not sure where I should start looking. The main difference is that I would like to reveal the environment around the player, based on “sound” that is emitted from multiple things at once, such as footsteps, or other things in the scene that aren’t from the player, like NPCs, dogs barking, doors shutting, those sorts of things. When one of the objects in the scene makes a sound, it would reveal the environment, in a similar fashion to the Beyond Eyes video. Also for more reference, there is this cool effect that someone made Basically what I’m trying to do is a mix of both of these effects.

Since I want to do this through multiple actors, would something like this be done through materials, shaders, or a post process effect? And, by chance, are there any examples of this available to reference from? Any direction would be fantastic! Thanks!

Don’t know the best solution myself but this might get you started.

It’s not exactly what you’re after but you might be able to adapt it.