Sometimes sprite is not rendered on Android


I just made a quick mobile game prototype.
Everything works fine on PC and in Mobile Preview, but on the device (GT-S7582 with android 4.2.2) my platform sprites aren’t visible sometimes (totally random, ~half of them are rendered correctly, the rest is invisible).

Sprites are contained in an own SpriteActor component. Even when they are invisible their collision geometry is there and works well (the sprite’s collision I mean, that’s what I use).
I added another sprite to the actor and placed it under the original. When the original is rendered the additional is rendered as well, when the original is invisible the additional is invisible as well.

I use an unlit material with transparency, but the character uses the same and he is always visible.

Any idea what can be wrong? What should I try, how could I fix it or avoid the problem somehow?



Hello Elathan,

Have you taken a look at the mobile development documentation which provides you with information on the limitations and important points to keep in mind when developing for the mobile platforms?

Android Mobile Develpoment

Mobile Development

There is a lot of information in both documentation pages about your guidelines for development as well as your limitations depending on the device. I noticed you said you are using transparency which is a heavy rendering cost for mobile and should be used sparingly.

With all of this in mind, it would really help me to visualize the issues you are experiencing with a couple screenshots from your device while playing.

Thank you,

Game start on pc (mobile preview):

Game start on android:

I checked the documents. Even if I modify the material and disable transparency entirely the same thing happens.

There isn’t any vibration, if a platform is visible it stays so, visibility doesn’t change at all.

The first platform is always invisible on the device. I could not detect any system regarding the visibility of the other platforms.
(It’s an endless runner game, I use ~ 10 platforms, they are placed in front of the character out of screen again and again and again, and they also get a new color each time).

Okay, I found the issue:
the different platforms had different sprites. There was one significantly greater than the others (5000 pixel width, lol). That wasn’t displayed on the device.

I just removed it and everything else seems to work fine.

Glad you figured out the issue! Let us know if you have other questions.

Thank you,