Something wrong with server response


I’m working on my first project in C++, and i’m trying to replicate it. All my movement replicates so far, except for one thing. Whenever my client looks up/down, it’s suuuper stuttery, and i have no idea why. I’m using the animbp to do look up/down, as to sync better with a TPS mesh. However, the updates to that specific part of the animations seem to take a really long time, like there’s a delay between them. This is also elongated when using time dilation. This is the movement in real time: And this is with 0.25 time dilation (essentially 4x slow mo)

I’m including my full C++ class in case it helps anyone : // Fill out your copyright notice in the Description page of Project Settings. - The variable i’m using is a rotator called ViewRotation.The part of my animbp handling the bending of the spine looks like this:


Thanks for your help