Something on the sky

Hello guys, what is this?


I am sure someone else will tell you the right thing, but as far as I know, this is a rendering artifact that pops up on certain video cards.

I suggest making a bug report about it, and an Epic Staff will tell you whats wrong or how to fix it, if you can’t get a response in here that is.

“There was an error contacting the remote service”

Error on bug report site.


Community doesn’t work

Are you using the Nvidia Techs build? I’ve had similar issue there, and the way to fix it was to use this cvar: r.VXGI.TemporalReprojectionEnable = 0

But if this is the standard build, then there’s probably something else causing it.

Yes, i have Nvidia geforce 860 gtx. Where i need to use this cvar?

Are you by any chance using two sky blueprints on accident? looks like two sky blueprints are zfighting based on z precision, as if one of the domes is slightly offset.

Hmm where i can find second blueprint of sky?

Edit : when i click on the sky i see only one Sky sphere mesh

In the world outliner.

That’s it. I had 2 sky’s :slight_smile: Thank you guys for help.