Something like Stochastic texture algorithm

Hello guys,

Today I found this amazing texturing alternative while reading blogs on Unity. Is there any equal or same way/algorithm inside of the Unreal Engine 4.

I believe there is, because almost nothing is impossible with Unreal Engine :).

I just skimmed through the article, but it seems that this is similar to the Noise node in Unreal.
The texture bombing nodes in Unreal could also be used for similar effect, and maybe also the Lerp_ScratchGrime node could be useful to you.

Thanks Frepp73, is there any example for those kind of shaders, you know im new in material editor and cannot figure some kind of that, if you can do this, can you please help me. I don’t know where to start :).

Yeah, the texture bomb node in the material editor is what you’d want for this. It’s pretty easy to set-up and you can see a basic example of it’s usage in the following thread:…exture-bombing

OMG!. Thank you guys, never thought this kind of easy solution but I didn’t be surprised, its unreal and there is always a easiest way in unreal :).