Something has happened to my Lighting

For some reason my lighting has changed. I didn’t touch anything to do with lighting, except Rebuild to try and fix it.

This lighting system has given me the biggest headache. Reloading the project didn’t help. I changed the Skylight and Directional to Dynamic and Static and Moveable and no luck. Moved the lights around in 3D space and readjusted the Lighting Volume and still nothing.

I’m assuming you’re referring to the shadows? If your lights were initially static/stationary then you need to go into the World Settings tab and check the box next to Force No Precomputed Lighting. Then hit rebuild, and it should clear any lightmaps in your level. You’d need to uncheck it if you revert back to static/stationary lights.

I figured out what was wrong. I didn’t have a skybox so the skylight was reflecting pure black. Not sure what made it worse, but even the before photo you can see that there was hard black shadows.

I went through the UE4 training videos on lighting. Took me all night but now I have a good understanding of lighting systems.

Glad to hear you were able to work it out. =)