Somebody who has quit school/uni for amateur game developing/developing his own game?

Somebody here who has quit school/uni for amateur game developing/developing his own games? No game study. Only a low paid job and your dev.

Example: You quit school or uni, so you can have more time for your developing goals in your life. You get a low paid job, but enough to live without disadvantages. After your work as employee you work at home at your game. The goal is a game to publish.

Somebody here who does this exactly or a little bit of it?

I personally do it like that beside school (I have left some stuff behind me to have enough time for game dev.) , but I would recommend you to finish school (to get a good education), because otherwise it will be too risky :wink:

school != education


It depends on the school. Also, if the school isn’t enough education for you, you can learn on your own too. Studies are education, but it also depends on where you study, and what you study. Quiting one of them isn’t really a good idea. As the chance that you succeed is at most 20-30%

Even if school is not education, this is the most considerated situation by all employers. Someone with a diploma have more chance to be recruited than someone with better skills but no diploma sadly. When you have a hundred of people interested by your job offer, you don’t check all port folio’s websites…

So i would say : In acrobatic flight the first rule is never release what you hold in your hand before having catch something else. And life is the worst acrobatic flight you’ll ever live ^^ This not means don’t try, this means, try wisely. Don’t close the door, in case you want / need to come back later.

I would fix this a bit: school 70% is useless ****, but that 30% is what you need. Also uni shows you only where to look for stuff, they assume you learn it all by yourself.

I am kind of such guy but with few buts. Thankfully to my self learning in programming i have quite good job now. I dropped at uni stage, because they did not teach me things i wanted to learn (and for eg i refused to learn how to make iron for magnetic core of electric transformer) . At that time computers evolved so fast and uni was still teaching 10 years old **** (like that thing about transformers when nobody used that technology (material) anymore) . I learned all programming by myself, but uni teachers feed me with vector math, physics, magnetic field theory, algebra, and many more things i thought that were totally useless at that point.

But they are not for game dev. Vector math, multiplying matrices, some elementary physics (for eg how Kepler rules work, gauss quadrature rule, Laplace transformation, Boolean algebra) all that is useful to know. Sometimes seemingly complicated problems were solved 200-300 years ago, you just need to know that and where to look. School teaches this.

Example: vector math, its very simple to use if you know it. If you don’t you will be probably lost in all those blueprint nodes made for adding, multiplying vectors etc. Like getting normal vector to your surface, its trivial when you know that math, but if you don’t i am sure you get some very complicated rule with a lot of conditions.

Also what fighter said, it is very risky. Then without good education you waste more time on same problems.

And you think a school can teach me better how to work with vectors then other sources? lmao
i think it’s a rarity that i even understand something from teacher and the blackboard and their papers

I know from my life: I can’t understand what teachers are trying to teach
I need every time youtube or other sites to understand things a little bit.

Well, that actually means you should start studying more, istead of game deving.

I would not advice you quitting, yes you can self-teach you everything, I have no doubt of that, but school/unit/masters etc are not only there for you to learn stuff they are also there to teach you how to learn. If you want to be a professional games programmer you will see that most of the offers require a computer science, math, physics degree or an equivalent, this is not there because companies thing that you can only learn stuff from the uni but that you where able to achieve a hard goal. There is many competition out there and a way to filter candidates is using your education. You can argue with it, that is your right, but if I get 100 CVs I have to filter fast, and educational aspects are a very good candidate for it.

See your education as a goal, do it well and you will find many doors open instead of closed. Apart from your education you also have to do your own stuff, the competition is very high in the industry!


I dont wont to work in this industry as employee. That’s the thing. Only own company…
So a Uni wont help.

But don’t let talk about it - it’s wasting only your and mine time.

My question was different.

But you need investment, you will need other employees I guess. Are will you focus on being a one man army? Making a game is not only about art, sound, design and programming, you have to manage a project too. So my personal experience and advice would be: do not quit, rather do your best in your studies and put all your power in doing as much as you can.

Personally I really like and follow the advice given by film maker Werner Herzog (echoed also by many other creative greats ), “live life wide”, do whatever you need to sustain yourself while you follow your dreams and passions, take on a range of jobs, work with all sorts of people from many walks of life. In essence when we create for others we must understand them or else we cannot speak to them through our art, and if we do not communicate well with our audience there is little chance they will reward us with their money and buy our product.
Robert Rodriquez a film maker I admire a great deal, raised money by volunteering himself for medical research, that allowed him to make “El Mariachi”.
The essence of this is do what you need to do, and do it your way, there is no one size fits all. If you need to go to university raise the money and go, if you need to sleep on the streets and watch people, do just that.

But i dont know what i am doing.
I only visit this school because i get money from the state germany.
I don’t think i can manage a study after this 2 years of school. :confused:

stay at school, make content for the marketplace. if you can’t do that then you wont be able to make a full game.

I work 45-50 hours a week and take care of 2 kids and the wife. Have to fit that game design in around the edges.

Your education should be plan A. Work on Plan B in all your free time. If you make a game that sells, then you can think about quitting plan A.

I think that plan A is always a must, the more you achieve the more you will get back in return. If something is hard you have to finish it.

I have already a school graduation. I visit a school which gives me the permit to go to uni for applied science later.
So my current school isn’t so relevant. I don’t want to study, it’s too hard.

And do you think that begin in the game industry is easier than studying?

No. But its interest… ?

Not actually quit but most of the time I was running faster home to create level designs inside unreal editor 1.0 - 2.0 back in the old 90’s. Is funny now that I remember of it.