Somebody know FTopLevelAssetPath of 5.1?

I am learning GAS using version 5.1 , The old binding was an enumeration name,But now it’s FTopLevelAssetPath,Passing enumeration names crashes,What ishould be passed to bind now BindAbilityActivationToInputComponent()? :melting_face:

Have same issue. Probably FTopLevelAssetPath needs correct enum path name. Did you solved this problem?

You can use it like this
But it doesn’t respond to input ,because now Enhance Input,ues UInputAction. Not the old version of the input.
FGameplayAbilityInputBinds Cannot be associated with UInputAction of the enhanced input. in the FGameplayAbilityInputBinds stack are key names and enumerations mapped to input Settings. :sob:

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If the Enum is inside of a plugin, it should be TEXT("/Script/YourPluginName"), if it is inside the main project, TEXT("/Script/YourProjectName")

Full line:
FTopLevelAssetPath InputEnumPath = TopLevelAssetPath(TEXT("/Script/YourProjectName"), TEXT("ESAMPLEAbilityInputID"));

const FGameplayAbilityInputBinds Binds("Confirm", "Cancel", InputEnumPath, ConfirmInputID, CancelInputID);

If the path or the enum name is wrong, you will get a crash.