some unknown weird color & shadow error showing randomly

****Greetings everyone,firstly apologies on my bad english…

OK,I’ve been using UE4 to test on one of my architecture scene for the past month,everythings going smooth & i’m slowly adding asset in to the map(around 90mb+)…
but today my scene suddenly keep showing these weird color error.
sometime it’s kinda like very bright color error,sometime in green,blue red…
also there area some shadow area are totally in black(not showing any Gi).
is this common bug? would be very appreciate it if anyone can help on this.

here’s the link for the print screen





Take a look at this thread: :slight_smile:

"Does the artifact go away when you set the ‘r.Cache.LightingCacheDimension’ console variable to 128? There’s a bug with many (>1728) movable components right now that will cause this. Instanced foliage currently does not support lightmaps correctly which are used when the components have static mobility, so both routes are a bit broken. "

HI ,thank you for the quick reply,I will have a look on the thread!