Some "smaller" missing features that prevent me from using the tools in its current state 5.0.0EA2

loving the idea of having modelling tools in unreal!

as a passionate daily modeller for 25 year id love to give some feedback from ue5.0.0EA2:

great tool that would benefit from showing the length of the current active leg. holding strg while on an alignement axis should fix the movement to this axis and snap-extending to hoovered-over vertexes that have been placed before. this way we can easily close shapes

solid toolkit but gizmo controls are lacking. gizmo control is the core of any modelling workflow and essential to get it right (to industrystandart of mayaā€¦) what i think is essential to add:

  • gizmo snapping hotkeys with mouse over gizmocenter eg.
    c=edgealign with slide,

  • gizmo snapping hotkeys with mouse over gizmoaxis eg.
    x=gridalign but axisconstrained with snapping to hoover-over gridline,
    c=edgealign with slide,
    v=vertexalign but axisconstraint with snapping to hoovered-over vertexes

  • gizmo orientation:
    ā€“pressing strg and hoovering over vertexes should orient the gizmos x-axis to the vertex , clicking the vertex should lockin the new orientation.
    ā€“pressing strg and hoovering over an edge should align the gizmo to the edge with its x-axis on the center of the edge, clicking the edge should lockin the new orientation.
    ā€“pressing strg and hoovering over an face should align it to the normal of the face with its x-axison the center of the face, clicking the face should lockin the new orientation.

this custom pivot needs to be stored in the session and restorable via a button in the gui.

Inset: the inset needs to be set via value-entry as well as the current freestyle approach. id recommend creating an inset-gizmo to control the insetvalue. that way the mouse can be free to go into the value entry field if users choose to enter a number value instead of moving this new inset-gizmo. this gizmo needs to be aligned on the inset polyselection close to the camera.

Extrude: same with insetā€¦having an extrude gizmo and value entry field would feel more controlable compared to the eyeballing mousebound way unreal and blender do it currently.

im going to update this post once i have more time to play around with the featureset. but as mentioned beforeā€¦gizmo control is such an elemental feature that makes or brakes a modelling tool (one of the reasons blender cant be really taken serious as a modelling tool in my opinion). the described style can be found in maya and is of tremendeous value.
snapping the gizmo to a vertex of a polygon-selection and then axis-constraint-snapping that selection to a hoovered-over vertex is extremely useful for precise modelling.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback. I completely agree with the overall sentiment that in general TRS functionality, gizmo controls, snapping, and numerical input are all vital to daily modeling. We are already testing some improvements and we will be continuing to refine these workflows over time. Please keep the feedback coming it is really useful in our planning. Cheers.

You might have a look at Some feedback on modelling tools, I just (very briefly) described some gizmo-snapping mouse+hotkey combos you might not have found.

The ā€˜Lock Rotationā€™ toggle in PolyEdit can be used to do some of the things you mention as a multi-step process. Eg if you want the gizmo aligned w/ a particular edge you can select that edge (in local frame mode) and the gizmo will align w/ it, then toggle on ā€˜Lock Rotationā€™, and now when you change selection (eg to a vertex or face) it will keep that alignment.

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