Some serious questions about UDK and UE4 from a desperate noob.

let me introduce myself before asking these questions, my name is Pedro, i’m 18 years old and i’m new to Unreal Engine(UDk, UE4), and pretty much everything in the content of using all these engines, i don’t have any skills in this field and now i’ve come to a point in my life that i should make decisions that what i will do to my life, what carreer i want to follow, so i choose to follow the game design field, which it seems to be amazing, and now i’m starting to take classes of using the UDK/UE4, but when i saw that the price of the UE4 was $20 i said to me maybe i should try it out, and i liked way more the UE4 than the UDK, but i have two questions in this case that are:

1º: am i too old to start to want to get in the game design field?
2º: if not, which engine should i start to use, UDK or UE4?

And most important of this is because i’m not feeling that confident to start in this carreer, i know that it takes a very long road to be a good designer,programmer,concept artist and so on, but i’m willing to take the risk of doing so, i just need people that can really give me advices of what should i do.

please if anyone see any gramatical problem, its because i’m not very good at english and i apologize for any mistake i’ve made.

  1. definitely no when you have skills then you are never to old to start with game dev.
  2. I would recommend you to start with the UE4, because it offers you much more. You have access to the source code, blueprints and other amazing new stuff. And of course you can also just cancle your subscription after you have bought it so that you don’t waste your money when game dev. isn’t something for you :wink:

Why UE4:

-active community
-many tutorials → even official ones from epic games
-many new features (blueprints, c++,…)
-in my opinion very easy to use :slight_smile:

Why UDK:
-it’s for free
-there are already many tutorials about nearly everything
-you can always switch to the UE4, because pretty much is the same in UDK

But before you start, I would recommend you to just take a look at some tutorials, videos, … to get a overview of both engines :wink:

Obviously UE4. What a question to ask on UE4 forums!

thanks for responding so quickly, but when you say skills i have to say: i just started doing this, i bought the UE4 yesterday and these questions were bothering me, but i do not have any skils making anything whatsoever,because i’m very new to this kind of development, will this affect my learning or not?

And i have to say that i liked your tutorials and i will subscribe to your channel :smiley:

yes haha :D, but i was going to post the same topic on the UDK forums to get responses there too!!

Of course you won’t be able to do something complex at the beginning, but trust me, your skills will increase with every little achievement that you have :wink: I also started with 0 knowledge but with hard work and many hours in front of my PC I have build up a pretty huge knowledge. So just jump right into the adventure and start doing some stuff! :smiley:

When you have questions, just ask them here in the forum or write me a pm (of course it would be better when you post it into the forum, because then everybody can read it) :slight_smile:

Unfortunatley going on the game dev adventure also involves dealing with trolls, especially if you end up releasing a game. ^^

I would go with UE4 simply because it is more “future proof” and the UDK is kind of past its golden days for quite some time already.

True, and that’s also a pretty important experience that you should have. You should be able to filter good critism from trolls and of course you should learn how to deal with them :slight_smile:

Lol I like all your responses but i think my experience is perfect to share here.

I am 3 week into unreal engine 4 now, i tried learning unity and stop after 1 week got frustrated with c#, tried udk but it keep crashing my pc so stop after 2 days and i been in UE 4 for 3 weeks and i am just like you a complete noob to this whole thing and this is what i have done in 3 weeks of using UE 4

you see my whole progress from when i first started lol to how i am now.

UE 4 is easy to learn, right now i learning tessellation, and some advance material stuff, but it easy to learn and has a very active and great supporting community. So i would say definitely go with ue 4.

You need a stable job if you haven’t already and do this as a hobby until you see yourself if it’s what you like. As for the age it’s better to be older as the older we get the wiser we become and you’ll manage to learn things faster than you did when you were younger.

If you don’t have any natural talent for art then avoid the design part and focus on the game mechanics (coding).

True but age not really a factor, as long he focus on learning and making some small stuff he will be wiser, i remember coming across a boy who was 22 and his 3d talent was amazing , a guy over on udk, he self taught himself the engine and 3d art and he got really good, he started when he was 16 so it not that age really matter is learning the skills and applying the skill learn as you advance forward. As he learn he will become wider, but i don’t think he should wait till he older to get started at all just get your self a stead job and do this in your spare time or if your parents can afford to send you to college to study game design that also something to consider, as i find most big companies will take grads over self taught people in most cases. (from what i have seen happen to some friends with talent) SO think really good on what you want to do with your life and work towards it, age is but a number.

thank all you guys to giving me advices,
i’m feeling really confident on start this as a hobby, i have a job to supply the money that i need for keeping my subscription of UE4 running and i’m doing a course of UDK,that being said i’m thinking that i should do some drawing courses, because other day i was reading( lets say an article) of the site and these article really helped me out for what should i choose to be in terms of carrer, i decided that i’m going to be a level designer/environment artist, because i really had my mind thinking “i will be a level designer and i will not change that”, but when i discovered that the level designer is the guy who put the level together i said “wait a minute, does he makes the textures and the modellings?” i discovered that the environment artist was the guy who makes the 3D models, the textures and so on, so i deccided that i will be both, because if i’m going to make this first as a hobby, i should know how to do textures and how to do 3D moddeling because if i would do this alone no one would do that stuff for me, sure that it will take alot of time to be a good level designer/environment artist but i don’t care how much time it will take to be good, i want to do this because when i’m making even a simple house i’m feel really happy that i’m doing what i want, and if it even i can’t make to do this a carrer i will do as a hobby and i will feel happy about it.

One more thing, i saw the post of Errvald and i agreed with the post, but one thing that i could say that it is wrong is the natural talent for art, this guy who made the world of level design site has a article of beccoming a level designer/environment artist, he didn’t have any talent for art be he didn’t care if he was bad, he started to draw everyday, he took some classes of figure drawing, and he became good at drawing after a ton of hard work, if he can do it why we shouldn’t do the same? if he can be good so am i, one thing that he says is that “Pure passion wins every time”

i’m giving the link if anyone want to check it out:

I want to thank everyone that give me advices about this and you make me very confident about what i should do, so for Everyone THANK YOU SO MUCH

Never stop. Focus. Make it your dream. Then you wil do fine. ps. you made me feel old asking if 18 was too old. I started when I was 30 :smiley:

I’m 35 and picking this up now :slight_smile:

Focus on programming first, pick up some art skills, it is better to be good coder with some art skills than artist with some coding skills. Makes it safer and easier later in life.
Also tools for coding cost much less than all those 3d art apps together, well thinking of it all art stuff totals to sum around house price or quite good new car, while visual c can be picked cheap.
So pick programming education path and learn/practice art as hobby not the other way around.

Unless you hate programming

Blender is free, visual studio express is free, Visual Studio ultimate is hella expensive, and 3ds max is too, depends on what software you get. (blender is totally fine)

3ds max isn’t expensive when you get the education license wich is 3 years of no cost.

1: At 18-years-old, you are definitely not too old. I started 3d modeling at 16 and went to a game design school at 19. I’m 24 now and have been working at Epic for over a year. People here think I am very young and often joke about it. If anything, you may find yourself having to prove you aren’t a kid who likes games, but a young designer with clear plans. You should never let age factor into the decision to make games; The ages here vary greatly between 21 and 50+.

2: UE4… I may be biased though since I find Blueprints to be the greatest thing since ChessBoxing.

If you are still unsure of what you can do with UE4, please come check out the tutorials on the Wiki. Even the most outlandish ideas can be brought to life with a little self-teaching.

Best of luck to you! Please PM me if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thanks i really appreciate it, i will start right away :smiley:

but i have one last question:

does anyone know some sites of Models/Materials for UE4? i would appreciate if anyone give me some links :smiley: