Some rendering questions


After making some more or less decent models and materials for learning purposes, I now want to learn how to implement some visual effects and appearances.

When I watched the presentation of the Fox engine, I wondered how some of the stuff would be done in UE4.
Also some of the explanations were cut too short for me to understand them :slight_smile:

Maybe someone who knows a bit more about rendering can help me clarify some things.

This is the presentation

And these are my questions (corresponding time in the video)

Linear workflow (37:30)
When he talks about value correction, is this done in post process then, or how would this also affect the lighting design workflow?
How does this apply to the Unreal Engine rendering process?

Linear textures (40:50)
Is it correct that this is done by the “Tonemapper” in UE4, or is this something completely different?
What is it with the 18% tweak? I dont get that…

View dependent roughness (43:30)
I tried to create a material using the PixelNormal and Camera vector to create this effect, but it always looks weird. How can I make a hallway wall look like theirs?

Auto exposure (47:50)
How can I implement this kind of auto exposure. I dont like the current autoexposure :slight_smile:
Could that be done in post processing as well?
A bit more stable exposure would be great.

DOF<–>FOV (50:10)
With postprocess I can affect the depth of field, but how would I go about changing the FOV in a consistent manner as shown?

Thanks for any input :smiley: