Some rendering differences between 4.2.1 and 4.3 (my guess)

Hi all,
I am encountering a problem after opening my project in unreal engine 4.3 and rebuilding the lights.
I am pretty sure this is NOT a bug but is probably something silly I am doing.
Basically by simply opening my project in 4.3 and rebuilding the lights I loose the shadow detail/sharpness that I have in 4.2.1.
I didn’t change any options.
Is anyone encountering similar issues?
Thank you very much for the time you might take looking into this problem :slight_smile:

Please see the image:


It looks like the 4.3 render has a lower lightmap resolution. Maybe something went wrong when converting those particular settings. Are your walls and floor BSPs or static meshes?

Do you have movable skylight?

All my meshes, including the walls are static meshes. I have fine tuned each light map res for each static mesh. I have a static skylight but removing it makes no difference. I have started a new project from scratch but still same issues …

Can you create a simple scene you can share to replicate this issue?

Hi all and thanks for replying!
I did a lot of testing yesterday and I wasn’t able to understand what was going on.
Basically by simply having a wall (static mesh) and a cube on the wall (like a frame hanging, static mesh) I wasn’t able to get the nice shadowing I was getting in 4.2.1, using the same values (for lightMas Res) and a single stationary pointLight.
THEN I rememberd that I CONVERTED the project from 4.2.1 to 4.3.
I though it may have been that:
So I started a NEW 4.3 project and imported all my static meshes from scratch (2 fbx cubes basically). I was finally able to get the same results I got from 4.2.1 in 4.3 and using the same exact values.
In the end I think something happened during the conversion of the project but still I have no clue on what exactly.

I will try to provide you with a simple scene but I will not be able to open UE4 until the week end :frowning:
I also would like to take some time saying what I already said on the first post: Since I am not an UE4 expert (actually a real newbie) this is probably not a bug and again is something I did wrong during the process.
Thank you again for the replies!

The difference in those screenshots is that textures are not streaming in at all in the converted to 4.3 version. We’re looking into this.