Some questions about VR development

I’ve looked into the Oculus Quest for an app I’m developing, which is essentially a promotional tool to visit certain indoor locations (think house interiors, apartments, etc…), but I’m having trouble finding a clear answer on what the limitations are in terms of poly/vertex count. The final scenes that I’m working with can easily reach half a million polygons, and I have my doubts as to whether the Quest can handle it. Knowing that there will be no animations, no intractability with the environment, or any complicated mechanics involved, what kind of polygon count am I looking at for the models?

Another option I’m looking at is the HTV Vive Focus Plus, but last time I worked on one, I wasn’t even able to get Unreal to compile my projects for the Vive Focus. Is it possible to develop on Focus with Unreal? I saw there’s a number of plugins that seem to be necessary but I couldn’t get them to work.


Your mileage may vary, but general performance constraints for the Quest are:

300k verts
100-150 draw calls
2.75GB RAM

I have no experience or knowledge on what it’s like to develop with the Vive Focus.