Some questions about lightning

So lightning doesn’t appear to work as it does in the various other game engines I have worked with such as Quake engine. For some reason it appears that my level’s lighting looks “black&white” unless I use colored lights. That looks odd to me. I also see that you can enable “temperature” setting which somewhat alters the lightning. Should temperature always be enabled or is there some valid reason to not use it?

Color temperature is great, and you should use it regularly with projects. Its very easy to look up the color temperature of pretty much any light source, like the sun, candles, a fire, etc. But you should also be aware of white balance, camera settings, and post processing when playing with the values.

Using HDRI images to help with lighting can also introduce a lot more color into a scene.

If you’re baking your lighting then the indirect lighting color will be affected by the color of the surfaces that it bounces off of, other than that if you don’t have any colors set then it’s going to be black and white. Temperature is used to set lights to cool or warm colors, for anything that’s trying to emulate white light then it’ll be on either side of that.