some post processing questions


I have read the documentation and done r.CompositionGraphDebug but I can’t really make much sense of that tbh

what I would like to know is the order in which the tone mapping is done, LUT applied, and image converted to output gamma?

I would also like to know about the tonemap function itself, the help documents list the function as y = x/(x+0.187)*1.035 but this makes y greater than 1 for values of x more than 5, does that mean the dynamic range is capped internally at at 5?

hmm no one?

so I move on to try to work this through experimentation

by using a replace tonemapper material, and setting that up with PostProcessInput0 and the same tone mapping function as stated in the help docs, with bloom and auto exposure and all other post process effects off the two should match, but this is not the case, what could I be doing wrong?

I am adding a 2.2 gamma adjust after the tonemap, but there is still a mismatch in contrast

I am trying to match a film colour profile from an adobe after effects project by duplicating the unreal tonemap in after effects and exporting a LUT, but the setup is in log space so even a small change in contrast will give a vastly different result, I need the post process volume tonemapper because I can use the LUT with it but without knowing exactly what it is doing I cannot match the results in after effects because my starting point will always differ