Some post-process effects stopped working

I’m working on my project 2 weeks and always was fine.
But now some effects in post-process volume stopped working.
I have only one post-proccess volume in project and disabled all post-process options in cameras

Doesn’t work:

  • white balance
  • color grading
  • film
  • scene color
  • bloom
  • auto exposure (this option stopped work in editor too, when i choose in Lit/Exposure anything - doesn’t happens)
  • lens flares

Still working

  • ambient occlusion
  • SSR
  • motion blur
  • Depth of field

Exposure doesn’t work in all levels in projects, other projects is ok.

I do:

  1. Update my 4.10.1 version to 4.10.2
  2. Update Nvidia Drivers (my card GeForce GTX980 TI)
  3. Check DirectX, my version 11.1 Windows 7 Service Pack 1

What happen? ) Thank you

Hi MediaVisionLab,

Make sure to check your Engine Scalability Settings via the Settings button in the main Toolbar. When lower settings are used some of the post processing settings will be disabled. To have all Post Processes enabled and using their default settings you need to make sure the scalability setting is set to EPIC.

Thank you!


And now we have a new settings level called Cinematic…

I was searching for effects too :stuck_out_tongue: