Some of the tools and shader i made for our project

This is a showcase of some of the tools and shaders i made for an animation project i was working on early 2017.

the river shader turned out pretty cool. it has great foam control , you can have foam around the object or on top of waves, it also has distortion around the object.
coloring of river is also depth base so the shore has clearer water !
if you give the river a high angle it will turn into water fall. its not in the video but when you make a low angle river and put lots of stone in middle of it, it would look really Amazing !! :).
the lake shader is also pretty cool its a single face plane, all the depths are coming from the material with POM .
the wave animation in lake shader is done in Houdini baked as texture and then used in ue4 material.
i did a lot of test for waterfall in houdini with flipfluid and stuff and… ended up making it with maya fluid, particle base waterfall was taking too much to simulate and it would look kinda the same as in maya fluid so … yeah! old techniques can still be effective!!
later i rendered the fall and make it loop in aftereffect and finally applied it as a flipbook animation to my material, it ended up looking very good specially if you don’t want to get to close to it.
the small cascade thing is also a similar technique but i only applied it to normal and maybe displacement.
for rock wetness an water flowing on top of objects, i guess usually people make a flow map for these situation but we had a very tight deadline and it would be an unnecessary step for me to do.
so instead i made a vertex painting system to paint the direction of waters, i think it blends pretty good and maybe it can be as good as flow map! (maybe !)
that local fog thing is something i am always using, its a material made out of scene depth and depthfade and some other distance node, i usualy use it as fog! just like this scene or as a fake shadow e.g make inside of a building that camera is going to pass by darker so you don’t see that there is nothing inside ! you have no idea what a handy tool it can be.
the grasses are … well they are grass !
the puddle decal is pretty amazing , its a POM material and i was able to make some cool effect with it, you can control the depth of the puddle and also the depth,opacity,color,falloff of the water.
and i guess that was it!

let me know what you think, i hope you guys like it.

It looks good, but what is the point of the thread? To tell you it looks good? :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be more interesting if you could share some shader or something.

Thats some very impressive stuff there @m-motion. If you do ever want to share some insight I’d love to know more but either way, just seeing the final production would be cool too!

I am interested to know if river and waterfall shaders like that will be put soon on the marketplace so I as well as other people
can use them in our own projects to improve the asthetics. Because we need some good waterfall shaders.