Some meshes appear brighter than others in level importing.

Hi guys,

Hopefully you might know what’s going on here as I can’t find a similar issue and answer as I need to ask.

I’m in the process of level importing into UE4, that is, ‘import into level’ so that my meshes appear at exact co-ordinates in the editor as they are at in 3DSMax. For some reason however, some of these meshes look brighter lit than others, and for no reason. Before exporting in Max, I use the command ‘$.mat=null’ to remove all materials and allow them to appear in UE4 with the standard world grid material applied (I’m blocking in my level with a single material before I move onto that stage later). Might also be worth mentioning I have a day-night cycle blueprint in play, but changing my light source from moveable to static doesn’t change anything.

Even when I apply a material to the meshes, many of which are instances of one another, the material applies, but also appears brighter than it should.

I went into the grouped import and dragged a duplicate of one of the brighter meshes out into an open space, and it remains bright until i drag it far enough that it resorts back to normal brightness. Looking at the affected meshes, the issue appears to be localised. Only meshes within the certain area have this issue and when you move them out of this strange perimeter they appear how they should.

I checked all my light sources, turning them off one by one but nothing changes the brightness of the meshes in this area.

So I’ve managed to rule out after effects of something I did in Max, as in Max I have no lighting element for renders etc. I ruled out lighting errors more or less in UE4 as nothing I change alters the lighting of these areas.

Hoping someone might know a solution.