Some materials from a purchased asset have odd flickering black specs errors that happen as i move the camera around.

Some materials from a purchased asset have odd flickering black specs errors that happen as i move the camera around. Author is unable to reproduce but i have reproduced on both a gtx 590 and a gtx 980. 590 it happens more often it seems.

Any ideas?

The material comes from the “Forgotten Alley” asset on the market…

The rendering artifacts only happen on teh material that looks to be using some sort of parallax mapping effect.

Hi ,

  • Does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is it limited to one project?
  • What steps can I take to reproduce this on my end?
  • Is the asset using Parallax Mapping or does it simply look similar?
  • Have you seen this after rebuilding lighting?

Well i have not been able to create a clean project with 4.13 since the market says 4.13 is not yet supported. As for 4.12 in a clean project i have not seen this problem yet. Not quite sure when the problem starts.

My project originaly started as a 4.12 project to 4.13 “open as copy”

I do want to point out that this bug isnt showing up at this moment in my 4.13 project either… sometimes in the process of working on my project i just start seeing these glitches more often … I do not know when or why. But it happens usually every day at one point. It could be that i dont see the problem right now because lighting has been rebuilt. Not sure.

Also it just looks similiar to parallax mapping… It is not tesselation, but it sort of looks like it has more polygons juding by edges that meet in corners… hard to explain but u see the indentation of bricks allong the edge rather then the flat line edge of polygon.

*UPDate… scratch that… after alt tabbing to type a response to you and going back to the editor… the problem reappeared… very odd. It only reappeared for a few seconds… its gone again… so i dont know what to think. Alls i know eventually it will be back… wether it be unbuilt lighting or what… something will cause it.

Hi ,

Those artifacts are a result of pixel depth offset in the parallax occlusion mapping.


This isn’t a bug and can be fixed by enabling “specify manual texture size” then inputting how big the texture as a 1x1 tile would be in world space. For example if you have a plane that is 200 units wide and the texture at a 1x1 scale covers the entire plane then the “texture size” would be 200.

let me know if that helps!