Some Map DesignAdvice For Avoiding Motion Sickness but Using Free Movement

Hi All,

I wanted to share some advice for other VR developers on how to do free motion but avoid motion sickness.

Here below is a video of a playtest party I did for my upcoming VR RPG BearHammer.

I had four complete novices to VR play and report zero motion sickness after playing some intense combat, and from my development experience so far it comes down to three principles of map design.

  1. Avoid hills & ramps wherever possible, especially small steps/hills.
  2. Allow players to see far into the horizon in at least 70% of directions.
  3. Try to organize your map with realistic and logical proportions–don’t create a fun-house experience and don’t necessarily think you need to streamline things too much with unrealistic ultra smoothed textures. I’ve generally gotten more sick from cartoony games than games with a bit more realism.

Bonus tip for users of the VR Expansion Plugin:
4) Use HMD Orient from the VR expansion plugin–I’ve found this setting is the best free motion setting for reducing motion sickness.