Some lights are not building in static light

Hello I have got a problem in my level.
Some spotlights just stopped participating in light build.

Here are some screenshots.

Two spot not working:

This light is building

This also is not building

Why some lights are not building?

I am using spot lights with plane reflectors.
All the lights have the same setup: a spot with a plane, grouped and duplicated.
I am using postprocesses to boost GI.

The lightmass settings:

Do you have any idea on what could be? Some volumes that can block GI?

Could you post your lights’ settings?

here. all lights are the same

Up? Please someone can tell me how to fix it?

is engine scalability set to epic ?

is the lightmap resoluion high enough (alt 0)

with alt 6 you can see the lightning only, for me it helps often to see what is going on

Assets are the same so lightmaps are ok… everything is set to epic
with alt 6 I can see light where lights are not build and I can see light where lights are build…
is like something is blocking GI

but you have directional light ?
actually i cant see it in your pictures i dont get the directions and how it should be like

I am using reflector planes on spotlights… directional light is for my exterior level and is dynamic.

Trying to rebuild and rebuild, can’t find the solution…