Some important questions for noobs in VR development

Hi i’m a 3D artist for about ten Years.
i have some question for you.

does VR development needs to know programming for headset or unreal engine?
do we need development kit for headset?
which headset is the best ?
which one is easy to develop?
which one works better with PC?
the minimum specification for pc to run VR buttery smooth?
nvidia or AMD?
How many polygons we can have in a scene?
what about textures? - 4k 2k , i concern about how unreal manage textures
what about level of detail - how unreal handle that?


no one knows anything?

all of the headset are pretty much the same, but you have to keep in mind things when deving for a specific, such as gear vr/oculus rift at least for right now you want to make sure that it has like xbox controller support vs the vive which you can use it’s motion controller inputs. not much extra work. you don’t need to write code with unreal engine 4 you can use blueprints, where are like a GUI of the engines code. it makes things simpler for ppl like me how aren’t super detail oriented.

overall i like the vive for a few reasons, 1 room scale vr is vuggin rad. 2. they support an open platform/anti exclusivity 3. steam greenlight, although my game is far, far from being ready for the public there’s more of a chance when(if) its ready i can distribute it to people. oculus/gearvr is more interested in big super polished games and as an indie developer with no experience i’m screwed there.
I don’t know specifics on textures, but i do know that if you are using a bunch of high res textures it will cause the htc vive to lag/judder. U can do a pretty good level of detail but not like in a AAA 2d game.

I am an amd fanboy but most of the vive community prefers nvidia. look at the vive or rifts website it will give a sample build for a good pc. amd just came out with a decent 200 usd gpu for vr, I wanna say its called a 480 but i could be wrong there. just good “vr amd 200” and you’ll find info on it.

what i did (and i’m still super noob but slowly learning) is download ue4 and follow along with one of the how to make a game tutorials out there. I used this one: I ended up throwing out the game i made but got the hang of it. now i am watching all of the tutorials of virtus learning hub on youtube.