Some "Distribution Float Particles Parametrs" can't be controlled from a BP?

My problem - some (float) parametrs can’t be controlled from a BP. Please see my attached image for details.
On screenshots you can see: size and rad params work well in runtime but the “nn” param (how many particles are spawned when particles effect occurs) is using always the default value from the Constant in distibultion section (1.0 value as indicated by a red circle).

Since only some of the parametres do not affect the particle system i wanted to know if this is a bug on the engine side or something that we are missing here.

Is there any other way to spawn an exact amount of particles (specified in the BP) on the current frame ?

Hi Nival,

for the bug post! This issue has been logged already here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-21872)
You can review the status of the bug report periodically to see if a fix has been made.

I’ve added your post in a private comment to the developers. At this point I would recommend voting on the issue since we use that to gauge community interest.



Thank you Ed :slight_smile: