Some DFAO troubles weird flickreing shadows

Hi I have been setting up an interior scene and intended to use dfao for the lighting as opposed to lightmaps.
Atm I am getting some strange flickering shadows and took a massive 60 fps drop when applied

please help I have tried looking up information regarding setting up Dfao but I cant seem to fix it.


In general, distance field AO (and GI) is not ideal for darker or interior scenes. It works great for outside in areas with strong lighting, and on top of heavily textured surfaces. But you cannot really avoid the blotchy and noisy artifacts on clean walls and in interior spaces. Interior scenes rely on indirect lighting which is definitely better suited for lightmass.

These artifacts in DFAO are from aggressive optimizations needed to make it realtime. Hopefully something we can improve in the future.

You can improve the quality with ‘r.aorecordradiusscale .1’ or smaller but it will increase the cost of the method.

Thanks alot Zacd and DanielW I will go back to lightmass

If I use r.aorecordradiusscale .1 that does not change anything about how the DFAO looks like. Any other idea what I can do to avoid the extreme flickering of DFAO on huge objects? I only have very few very huge objects in my scene. Increasing the Resolution (r.AOGlobalDFResolution) makes it look better, but my fps already half from 64 to 128. I am absolutely fine with the quality of the DFAO at resolution 64, the problem is really just that the shadows look completely different each frame, just a lot of flickering.

I still haven’t found a way to get DFAO to work unfortunately. It looks awesome, I wish I could use it.

‘r.aorecordradiusscale .1’ its not working on 4.17 , is this changed ?

dfao not work, lpv not work, very sadly now(