Some beginner Questions: Tips for bringing character into unreal + skin shader + lighting

Hi, beginner here! I have looked around for some time on how to bring a basic low poly character into unreal, but haven’t found answers to some specific (albeit rather beginner) questions I have. I am used to using Marmoset Toolbag as the primary way to display my characters and its maps (for portfolio work), and there are certain things I want to do that I can do in Marmoset but that I can’t seem (or don’t know how) to do in unreal. Here’s a list of some of these questions:

  1. General tips on skin shader? I’ve read the documentation on the subsurface profile, but how would you get some other options in Marmoset like subsurface map input and fuzz input?

  2. Any way to completely turn off the sky lighting? It seems to be off when at least one other light is on, but when I turn all other lights off, the glow from the sky takes it effect on my meshes.

With all that said, I just want to say I’m loving the UI of unreal so far. It seems to be the most user friendly program I’ve come across so far (coming from a zbrush/3ds max user).