Some Basic Questions on Texturing.

Hi everyone,

I’m about to dive into the great, wide world of texturing to make my game…

I have a few questions which I’m hoping can get answered here before I begin.

First of all, I’m planning on using blender and UE4. I know that UV maps can be applied to objects in both programs, so which one do you guys prefer and why? This will also help me to decide on whether to apply all of my textures to a cube (like in minecraft) in blender and save them as different cubes with the textures applied already to import straight into UE4, or should I apply all my textures to the same cube within UE4 and just make copies of the cubes in the editor when I want more. (please feel free to comment on these methods or reccomend any others too!)

Secondly, if I were to apply a T shaped net of a cube texture to a cube within UE4 would it automatically fit its self perfectly around the cube without needing adjusted? If not, how does UE4 automatically apply textures and what shape should the be?

Thank you all, I hope you can help me out.

You can’t adjust UV mapping in UE4, that has to be done in Blender before you export to UE4.
As far as textures go, if you’re going to reuse a mesh many times with different textures, then you don’t need to apply the texture in Blender since you’ll have to make multiple materials to apply anyway in UE4.