[Solved] Weird thing happens during my building for lighting.

Problem Solved.
It’s Indeed the resolution problem. The sharpen line took me to a wrong way.
Thank you very much.

I’ve created a square room in starter content level(map). This is how it looks like in preview mode.

02.jpg Let’s just click this Build button and wait…

And here is what we get after build finishes.
I’m huge confused by this weird shadow.

I have no idea about what is causing this. Resolution? Shouldn’t it looks like blur if the resolution is too low, instead of writhing in a coquettish way? Multi-light source? No I only have 1 directional light and 1 sky light in my map.

Anybody can figure what is happening in my lighting building? Thx. :open_mouth:

What are you amusing to build the meshes?
could the material have tessellation applied?
what is the lightmap res of the floor?

This looks like low lightmap resolution, also are you sure that your lights are static/stationary?

Post a screenshot of the alt+0 visual mode, if it doesnt work, go to the Lit button (inside the viewport, to the right side of Perspective) > Optimization viewmodes > Lightmap Density and take a screenshot.

Thanks to NasteX. I’ve find the reason that is the resolution. Never thought on that.

After hit Alt+0, I immediately realize it is indeed a resolution problem when I saw all the screen turns into deep dark blue.
Amazing. So I tweaked the resolution until it seems like a little green.
It works as normal now.

Thank you very much.