[Solved] Water plugin and problem with water turning downwards on the shoreline

I tried to create an ocean surrounding a landscape with the new water plugin in UE 4.26.1. I feel like I tested almost all the settings but had no luck fixing this. Landscape water layer gives nice smooth transition into the ocean but the water sharply turns 90 degrees facing down at the shoreline (screenshot). As I understood it those spikes at 90 degree angle are supposed to be the waves hitting the shore. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thank you!


EDIT: I watched one more tutorial and tried to get the settings right. By disabling blur in WaterBodyOcean settings the shore turned out be quite good but still with those very obvious water edges.


But in every video I’ve seen so far there are nice results with blur enabled. In my case blur gives me smooth transition at one side of the island while most of the beach get those jagged edges (picture with water visibility turned off).


EDIT: It works now. I did delete everything regarding the water plugin and this time began by placing a lake on my island and then the ocean and everything worked great with the default settings. I did the reset before but only tried it with placing ocean again and it did not work. Somehow fresh start with the lake first seemed to be the magical fix for me… There were hills on my island to begin with so maybe by starting with large water body initialized the waterbrushmanager or watermeshactor somewhat incorrectly.