[SOLVED]VertexNormalWS changes based on camera distance/rotation leading to material artifacts.

I followed this tutorial in order to create a cel-shaded character material (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YQEAvvzh0k).

The problem I’m running into is that the darker part of the shading “fades away” as I move the camera further away. The camera’s rotation also seems to have an effect. I’ve isolated the cause as being the “VertexNormalWS” node. If I were to switch to the “PixelNormalWS” then I get the same artifact but it transitions per pixel rather than per vertex.

Why is it that the value of the VertexNormalWS changes relative to the camera and not to the orientation of my character? I should note that I found this problem to be more prevalent when I switch the engine scalability’s texture settings from “cinematic” to “low”. What should I change about my material/mesh settings to fix this?

I applied the same material to the default sphere in UE4 and I have the same problem. As a result I would eliminate my mesh/outline/blender/export method as a cause for this.