[SOLVED] UMG: Scaling Image According To Length of A Text Inside?

I have made an inventory system and now making an item description window. Which gives simple information to player when mouse is hovered on item icon. What I want to know is how can this window be scaled according to length of explanation. That is longer the text is the longer the image gets. I have added a screenshot to better describe the situation. So what should I be doing or looking for here ? A scale box driven function or something ? Thanks and have a nice Thursday.

Also: I am really not used to UMG still and would be “really” thankful if you provide screenshots or links to relevant things.

Here is an example from Gothic 3

If you place a scroll box where you want the description to be and set its maximum size - so that if the description is longer than the scroll box then scrolling becomes possible -
with a size box with the minimum desired height set
with a border
with a text with Auto Wrap Text (not under Appearance, but under Wrapping) checked
The text will now expand the border if needed.


I am terribly sorry for replying this late. I was really ill and barely now recovering slowly.
I have tried your method but since my Text is at the bottom of the stack it is not appearing at all, possible being overshadowed by scrollbox, as you can see from the screenshot.
What am I doing wrong here ?
Also I am using 4.18.3

It looks like you’ve set your text color to white.

Oh, sorry.
Thanks things seem to be working now.
I’ll mark this as solved.
Thank you again.