[SOLVED] Trigger Box with player VR Pawn overlap issues

Hello VR Mates,

My apologies if it is a dumb question but I did not find a clear solution on the net.
Using a trigger box on a map, how to make it fire when the capsule component of the motion controller pawn overlap with it?

I am asking this because if it is the whole motion controller pawn, some kind of invisible object or vector related to look collide with the trigger box and make it fire far too early. If you can point out a tutorial or give an idea, it would be great!

[FONT=“Calibri”]It would have been nice to have a bit help. Anyway, after sometime to think it over, I found the issue and here is the solution in case others encounter the same issue

The problem lied with the widget [FONT=“Calibri”]component of the VR player pawn, it could fire trigger volume. To avoid this, in your widget component details you have to**[FONT=“Calibri”] uncheck Generate Overlap events.**

Hi Karrelen, thanks for your post! I have the same issue and I still can’t solve it. Can you explain to me (again) how you did it? Currently I have a VR Pawn with a collision box set to (disabled: generate overlap events; collision presets: pawn). My trigger box is set to ‘Pawn’ too and the ‘Generate overlap events’ is enabled’ - To be honest I am totally confused how to set up this properly since I found so many different results online. I would really appreciate if you could help me! Many thanks in Advance.