[SOLVED] Replication not working when players are not looking

I Have a problem with replication, when a client looks at the action performed by another client, they work perfectly from client to server and from server to client, however when any client does not look at the event of the other player, the latter does not perform replication and cannot observe any changes.


Not looking

It is not noticeable but when you do not look, it does not carry the can of gasoline and the can does not disappear.

If it comes from the server: Clients will see the can but will not be able to pick it up.

If it comes from the client: The server will be able to see it and pick it up.

Would it look like a replication bug or is something else needed that I haven’t done?

UE Version: 4.26.0


A component on can called “Is object observable” blueprint made this error.