[Solved] Problem with landscape material (in 5)

Hello, i migrated my landscape material from 4.27 to 5.0.2. but i have a problem. globally the landscape material behaves correctly. i said globally. because here’s my issue. in a tile (landscape streaming proxy) some variations of the landscape material can’t be added to each others, while others can. I’ll try to give an example to make it clearer:

  • let’s say the variations sand, mud, black mud, and asphalt have no issue. and grass has the issue. in a tile (a landscape streaming proxy) i could do:
  • sand + mud + black mud + asphalt
  • sand + mud + grass
  • but NOT sand + mud + black mud + grass
    for a weird reason some textures won’t work if there’s already 2 textures in the tile. while with others textures i could add without problem 6, 7 textures or more. any idea?

Does it just go grey?

You’ve probably run out of texture space.

Just click on all your textures and, in the details, change sampler source from ‘texture asset’ to ‘shared: wrap’


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yep that fixed it. is there anything i should know about that mode, eventually cons? Thank a lot

Not that I know of… :slight_smile:

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Could you please tell my why that happened and why wrap solved it!

See this post

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@Rami-Alhaj : wrap simply allows the use of more stuff by the GPU. this is how i interpreted it

@ClockworkOcean : yeah i saw all these posts already. the setting not being a default one, it automatically raised suspicion to me. but there’s no real answer into these threads. the dev says it’s ‘all good as long as you use the good settings’. but he doesn’t develop. so i interptreted it as ‘don’t abuse of it and it should be ok’. it’s the only interpretation i can barely do at my actual level of knowledge. And most important i have no choice. you can’t create a game where you canno’t add more than 3 landscape variations per tile. So i’ll proceed carefully, and there’s no reason that it doesn’t work. I’m gonna limit myself to 5/6 variations per tile max. less if i can

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