[SOLVED] Optimization issues

Hey there,

I imported the procedural book generator blueprint into my project. In the library scene after I duplicated these books to fill the shelves that you can see the picture below, the scene stutters, FPS decreased and the light goes through the wall and shelves and vibrates on the ground. The normal FPS is around 120. There are far more empty shelves I want to fill with books and I’m afraid, it will bring more trouble. I’ve already compressed the textures.

Thank you for your help in advantage!

Janos Csaszar

I tested with my own books and the same things happens to them too, so I concluded that not the blueprint book generator’s failure. Could anyone help me, please? Thank you! :slight_smile:

It could be because of draw calls, please type stat rhi and show it here

“FPS decreased and the light goes through the wall and shelves and vibrates on the ground”

are you have dynamic light? if yea - heh - it`s all about shadows.
if not - are you check “light as if static” for these meshes in BP?

Ok, here the stat rhi. I think I’ve found the nature of the problem, that is there are too much actors. Well, I’ll remove the blueprint, then place my own books to the selves and merge the actors and I hope it’ll bring the better performance.


5 000+ Draw calls is pretty high for such small scene, merge the books to one mesh, it should help

Could use HLOD or something for the books to get that drawcall down…iew/index.html

Try to get that closer to 500-1000

Yeah, you wouldn’t want them all as separate objects, first make sure that your textures for the books are combined to a single texture as much as possible (so you can use a the same material for all of the books) and then each row at least of books should be a mesh or maybe even the entire bookcase of books should be a single mesh.

Thank you for your help guys! My problem is solved. The blueprint is unnecessary so I removed it. In the 3D editor like Maya I made a tons of books containing some materials and textures and filled the shelves with them, I selected all of them and exported in FBX. After that I imported them to UE4 as combined meshes, so the tons of the books are just one actor. It took some time but it worth because the performance is much more better than before. Thanks again! :slight_smile: