[SOLVED] Movable actors that have deferred decals... the decals shake, move, or disappear upon movement.

So I have an actor with a deferred decal attached to it. Both of them move when the object is picked up and moved around, but it seems like the deferred decal does not stay exactly where it should be on the actor, or there is a lag between where the decal moves and shifts, or disappears and reappears relative to the position on the actor. Is there any way to have the deferred decal stay where it is supposed to on the actor without moving, shifting, or fading in and out?

My actor is an iphone and I want the screen (deferred decal) to appear and move with the phone mesh when someone calls. Like i mentioned, attaching the decal to the actor acheives the movement, but it’s the jitter, lag, and disappearing of the decal on the phone that I would like to solve. Is there a better way to lock it to the phone? Or maybe a faster refresh rate to keep them in sync?

Thank you

Someone mentioned something about turning off late updates to make them sync? How does one do this? Thank you

That was @mordentral in this thread:…s-object-moves

In the Motion Controller component there is an option called Disable Low Latency Update. By checking it you are disabling the Late Update for the motion controllers and any Primitive Component attached to them. This may introduce a lag to the tracking of the motion controllers, so make sure you test extensively and are fine with it.

Thank you both. Is there a better way to attach a decal/image to a movable/grabable object without the lag?

Basically I have a clock thing that when the actor picks it up the screen turns on… I figured I could either cast to it’s child decals and toggle their visibility, but when I do that the decals wobble. I thought I had a brilliant idea of doing the same but with a sprite that was cast to visibility, but the whole thing REALLY gets weird and the clock starts floating and moving in circles around the VR controller.

I imagine the best way would be to create another static mesh with that image cooked in, but I cannot Merge a decal or a Sprite onto a static mesh,

I found a work around and to put the images on a BSP cube and size to fit and then size the whole BSP to the proper image size… then create a static mesh from that BSP with the image/mat. Then take that new static mesh and use it as a child actor for the “grabable actor” and cast to it toggling visibility. It works like a charm!

I just wanted to share in case someone else runs into this issue… it drove me crazy!