[Solved] Materials botched on import

When importing fbx or obj from RealityCapture I’m seeing something awry in how the materials are generated, UV designations for textures that don’t exist, e.g. part000026.fbx in asset viewer shows Element 1 material u7_v3, but no such texture exists. When I open material u7_v3 I see it’s linked to u7_v2 and it’s the wrong texture. I also see many instances where UE4 generates 4-5 instances of a material linked to the same texture that doesn’t exist. This issue persists across new projects and across numerous engine versions.

A particular fbx or obj part opens in 3ds with the correct texture, so how am I to pin the cause? If the materials behave outside of RealityCapture in 3ds, all these botched materials generated in UE4 would seem to point to UE4. But then this happening across engines and the fact that I never had this issue in 4.19.2 for the longest time, the only thing changed would be updating RealityCapture.

I’m desperate for answers, out of ideas, stuck in the muck. Thanks!


Update: Working with Tom Misura, a tech at Capturing Reality, he pinned the issue, too many textures, UE4 didn’t know what to do with them, specifically any u or v reaching 10, it was thrown by that, generating materials for textures that don’t exist, etc. But dividing the model into sections, alternately by using a max texture count to throttle against the number of 8K textures for this relatively small model (97 diffuse and as many normal), imports ran as expected. Thank you, Tom. We’re still needing to zero in on what the exact threshold is, something less than 97 and more than 40, am frankly surprised to be the one to hit this ceiling, but then I was throwing the kitchen sink at gleaning all the information from source files in this small scanning proejct.