[SOLVED] Making a Tree fall / rotate 90* degrees to the ground smoothly using Timelines?

First off, I want to say thank you for this community. I am relatively new here so I have yet to be of much help, but I am loving the support I see here.

So, I have a problem I keep running into. I have tried and tried to make a simple StaticMesh (movable) rotate to the ground at a 90* angle using the Vector coordinates (maybe I am using the wrong ones?) inside of the Timeline creator inside of a BluePrint. I have it setup to where when the Player triggers a box OnBeginOverlap, the tree should begin rotating the 90* to the earth smoothly.

I have been able to do it where the tree goes from standing upright to laying on the ground, but it does not move smoothly at all. It just appears there even if I make the timeline long (seconds) and even when I click the “Smooth” box.

I have tried watching a ton of YouTube tutorials on how to rotate doors, but they all seem to do the timeline within a specific BluePrint of that actor. I am trying to do it in the main world map / blueprint editor so I can have the trigger be far away from the actual tree.

Any ideas? Thank you

Can you share a screenshot of your Blueprint? I wonder if you are using the output of the Timeline node in the right way. You may be connecting the rotation of the mesh to the Finished pin instead that to the Update pin, which would explain why the mesh “appears” directly in the final position and doesn’t fall smoothly.

i cannot even get it to work anymore. :frowning: Not even the snapping thing. I followed someone elses tutorial to a T. I have no clue.

I would like the timeline to rotate the tree 90* from upright when the Player enter a Trigger Volume.

Thank you.

Can you also double-click the timeline and show us what’s going on in there? What currently happens in the setup now?

Sorry, I deleted that whole thing because it doesn’t work, but all I had in the Timeline was a Vector live on the Y Axis. Nothing was happening in that setup anymore. I accidentally broke it. hahaha

Bummer! :wink:

Anyway, for future memory and in case you want to try it again, this is how you make a tree fall when triggered by a Trigger Box. This solution doesn’t use a timeline, just RInterp To in a Tick event.

With a timeline you can do it directly from the OnActorBeginOverlap event, just plug the Update pin and Output pin of the the rotation (X or Y from 0 to 90) into SetWorldRotation.


Omg Marco, thank you again so much. :slight_smile:

Thank you, this works. I had only hoped for a Timeline version so I could draw the line/curve so it was not purely linear (make the tree bounce/shake a little after hitting the ground), but this works way better than what I was doing by simulating physics falling and trying to stop it in time.

Allright, allright, here is the version using a timeline. :wink: For increased realism you can add a little bounce back at the very end, like a real tree will do when falling.


Thank you, you understand exactly, I need that little bounce back to match the audio sound effect.

Maybe you forgot to post the image or template? :wink:

Nope. What were you expecting? What I suggested is that you slightly tweak the timeline by adding some frames toward the end to make the tree bounce a bit. You can also drive a sound from the same timeline by adding another 0 → 1 variable and make it go to 1 when the sound needs to be played. Then from the output pin of that variable you can check with a branch when the value is > 0 and play the sound. In this way the sound is perfectly synchronized with the tree fall.

Oh, I see. You are suggesting I just extend off of the above example. I can do that easy enough, just make the tree go back up with another RInterp setup added on at the end.

I thought you were suggesting you would share a way to do this same thing but using the actual Timelines (where you draw automation lines) the visual way.

I really appreciate you and taking the time.

@vr_marco, the way as you showed above (without the graphic timeline) seems way more difficult than I imagined… The tree does fall as needed (direction, etc) however the fall seems to be too smooth and it slows down drastically towards the end as if the tree is losing momentum as it falls to the ground. This makes the look lose any sense of gravity or impact.

How hard would something like this be as a “Timeline” timeline? Something where someone could draw in a smooth curve for the first part of the tree fall and then make it really steep before the crash on the ground? The real “Timelines” would also be helpful because it would be easy to match the time of the Audio in seconds and milliseconds along with the Timeline Automation curve.

@atmastudios Can you see my post #9? I gave you exactly the solution with the timeline including the shape of the curve which drives it.

The only thing you have to do is add few key frames to the end of the curve to make the tree bounce back a bit before it stops.

If you can’t see that post or the attachments then there is something weird going on with the forum… Let me know, I can repost them.

@vr_marco, I do not see any images on post #9. That’s what I was wondering on post #10

Thank you

■■■■, that explains your apparently “strange” questions. Totally weird because I can see them. Here they are again.

Hahaha, yeah… I was confused as well. Thank you again. You are quickly becoming a true VR hero in my eyes.

Works like an absolute charm! I swear I had tried this same type thing before, but I think I used Set Actor Location instead. Maybe that is why it jumped on me.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Glad it worked as expected for you. We all learned through trials and errors, so keep practicing and having fun with UE4!

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Thanks again vr_marco! :slight_smile:

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