[SOLVED] Lightmaps - power of 2 and where to find them?


While I was baking lightmaps in my scene I was wondering if it is necessary to keep the lightmap resolution at a power of 2 value.
So my friend Google didn’t clearly know the answer … only some hints regarding that topic. Somewhere someone mentioned that all the lightmaps are gathered and merged into lightmap atlases, and their size is defined in the World Settings under Lightmass.

The only thing I found was an empty Lightmaps ‘Array’ (I think?) with 0 Lightmap(s). Even after I built the maps again and saved everything, that count is still at 0.
Am I missing something there? It would be cool to open the lightmaps and see whats going on behind that magic ‘Build Light’ button.

Maybe some wise human could help me out here :rolleyes:

This is correct as far as I can see.

You can even open up the textures and change the settings though as I recall they get wiped out the next time you rebuild the lighting.

I’m not sure if they show up in that list for lightmaps built with GPU Lightmass, or if you are using virtual texture lightmaps. Perhaps that is why they aren’t listed for you.

Generally textures need to be pow2 sizes so they can be mipped and compressed properly. You can assign non pow2 sizes to your lightmap resolution without any problems, this even better to do because it gives you more finer control over how much lm resolution your want to give some objects. All the individual lightmaps get packed into atlasses. These one are always pow2 so you don’t have to worry about it. Try to set the atlas size to at least 2048 or 4096 for better packing though.

Thanks to you both!

Yeah, I understand. Individually they can be a non-powerof2 size because they get merged together into a powerof2 lightmap anyway. I’ll try to set the atlas size to 2048 also.
And the other question is also solved, at least kind of … Sometimes, after a while at least, the lightmaps appear in the array under ‘Lightmass’ in the World Settings. Even in all the other levels they seem to be there. :rolleyes: I may was a little bit unpatient.